Tuesday, January 13, 2004

New Years Resolution

It's 13 days into 2004 and I have yet to finalize the resolutions I have for this year. My guess is that the list is going to be expandable. I would most likely have to revisit this post again and again as more and more things that requires resolving pops into mind.

Here goes.


  1. loose 5 kg ... or at least 3kg ie. back to my original weight

  2. get a new job

  3. write more in this blog no matter how boring your life is ... one liners will do!

  4. less chatting and blogging at work

  5. more chatting and blogging at work

  6. varnish the Ikea shelving unit

  7. put up that the Ikea shelves and the white board that I bought over a year ago

Ok. I think those are it for a start.

Oh yeah! I went to Popular at Ikano to get some photo albums for the photos I've printed thoughout the years. Almost all my photos are still in those cheap cardboad plastic sheets that's given by the shop when you send for prints. Wonder if that should be placed in the list. Hmmm ... not yet I think.

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