Sunday, November 02, 2003

I can't believe I lost it

Holy shit! I've lost it.

I can't believe it! I thought I had it. Told my aunts I'd make them a copy and mail it to them in Penang before they go back to Penang but now I can't find it.

Where the hell could I have placed it?

It's not with the photos developed.
It's not with the stack of CDs I have.
The only two possible place that it could possibly be.

At least I think those are the only possible places I could have placed it.

But then considering the state of my room these days, I wouldn't be surprised if I find it a few months later laying under the stack of University prospectus
... or stack of mails received from objects
... or the stack of scores from the recent show
... or the stack of printouts on instructions that I've downloaded for improvements to the Chuah Family website ... which I have not gotten to working on since forever.

Where could that CD be? It contains all the pictures I took from my trip to the UK last year! Some of which I really like especially the sepia one of my aunt on a bicycle. I thought it was a really good picture. Would should it to you too for your opinion but I can't find it. Boo hoo!

Pray, pray, pray that I find it soon!

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