Monday, September 22, 2003


Hey ho everyone! Just wanted to inform you guys of the brilliant news of me winning a competition. :)

Well, I had two competitions over the weekend - Friday and Saturday. Friday night and Saturday morning (the whole day minus night actually) I was in a line dancing competition and then rush rush to a latin competition on Saturday night.

Anyway, I was hoping that we'd not get anywhere with the line dancing competition cause I'm not really into line dancing but it was something that the group I am (now was cause I've quit!) dancing with wanted to enter. We entered two categories; outlaw and standard. Outlaw being something completely choreographed by the team and standard is two dances - 1st is a fixed set of steps and song and the 2nd have to be a known line dance routine danced to a song of your own choosing. We didn't get into the semi-finals of the outlaw but we managed the finals for the standard. I found out later that night that we managed third placing.

The latin competition wasn't much of a competition really cause there was only three couples, me inclusive, but I am the CHAMP! :) It was a ladies event which meant that a lady dances the man's part as well, in this case, I was the man. Heh heh! I must have been quite a good man cause we won! Not bad for only two weeks of practise huh?

So, yay for me!

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