Saturday, August 30, 2003

the lomo experience

Well, I finally sent two rolls of film to the shop Thursday night. Two rolls all taken with that cool looking cybersampler. Yups! The roll with the incriminating photos from Rach's farewell with people snogging people. Yeap! All there ...

AND all not there.

Nothing came out!

I'm so disappointed! Pictures of the gathering! That fab gathering! All gone. Nada. Zip! Argh!!!

This sucks! The girl at the shop said maybe the camera was low on battery. The cybersampler's all mechanical! Batteries not required. Maybe it needed more light. This one could be true but I used the 800 tester film that came with the camera. Wouldn't 800 films be able to work in that restaurant? Or the Shangri-La ballroom where I clicked like made to get pictures of people dancing during the competition?!

Darn it! I think I'm really going to have to test it out to know how to work this camera. It sounded easy enough. Just load, wind, click, wind, click, wind until you can wind no more and the rewind it. How hard can that be?!

Sheesh! I'm going to try it in daylight tomorrow. There are still some films left in this third roll in that camera. Hopefully something turns out!

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