Sunday, June 29, 2003

super download frenzy

Woo hoo! Broadband. No worries about rising access fees. No more taking forever just to download a song. Can finally download Buffy ... hmmm was the last one me being repetitive? Have I talked about downloading Buffy before?

Well, anyway, managed to download two episodes of Buffy while I was out today for Tosca rehearsal. While I was out shopping for shoes for to match my costume. Yup! Footwear not provided by the costumers. While I was getting some 'cheaper' DVDs. I bought Frida, Simply Irresistable and one with Maria Tallcheif.

Now all I need is a CD writer to store all those downloaded stuff.

Right. If you could please excuse me, I should concentrate more on Buffy. Typing all this while watching. So cool!

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