Tuesday, May 06, 2003

second half

The weekend has been very eventfull (is this a word? if it is, is it spelt with a single or double 'L's?).

On Saturday, I met up with a guy who's looking for a latin dance partner. He says he competes at a level higher, back when he was in UK, than that which I'm doing so I'm not sure if he's still interesting in partnering me. We haven't tried dancing together yet. There wasn't time that day to try out as he was in a rush plus the studio that we we're gonna try out in was having a workshop. So, maybe he'll arrange something for this weekend. He's tried with a few girls and still have a few more girls to try out with. He also have some other guy friends who's looking for partners. If he's not suitable for me, one of the other guys might be. Hopefully something will work out. I've missed competing.

I might also be joining the Batu Dance Theatre. They had an audition on Sunday to recruit more members for their company. I went, did the sets and the liked me. Hurrah! I haven't seen any of their stuff though so I'm not exactly sure what they do. I know that they do contemporary dance but that's so vague. Contemporary dance could be anything. Hopefully it's not anything overtly weird. I've been told I'm very classical and that's probably true cause I don't like all those performances which are called dancing but which I think looks more like people just writhing around with no apparent structure.

Structure. That's the word. I need structure.

Okay, then this morning I got an email about the audition I went to last month. That's the Turandot audition. Guess what?! I made it! Yay! The show's gonna be in December with the last show being on my birthday. :) Rehearsals are suppose to start in September. Not sure which day yet and I haven't been given the contract. Hopefully there nothing unfavourable in the contract. They're not gonna pay much. Only RM500 for six shows. Three of which will be in Penang. But I'm only doing it for fun and, of course, to pad my all to empty performning arts resume.

Woo hoo! Lots for the second half of the year. Hopefully I can fit everything in and don't die in the process.

Oooo ... happy happy ... joy joy.

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