Friday, May 16, 2003

first class at batu dance

I don't want to walk down any steps today.
I don't want to walk UP any steps.
In fact ... I don't want to walk at all today if possible.

BUT ... it's a workday and so I'd have to.

The thighs, both inner and outer is really hurting after the two and a half hour class yesterday. First of the many that's to come if I don't drop out of it midways.

This is the one which I went for an dance audition a couple weeks ago.

It was interesting and was quite a workout. Must have been cause I'm feeling the effects of it now. Felt quite uncomfortable/dizzy in the middle of class though and I wasn't sure if it was because a) the room was hot (no air condition, just fans and open windows on a hot hot Malaysian day), b) I'm way out of practise and out of shape, or c) I didn't have any breakfast before.

Anyway, it was quite difficult for me because of my previous ballet training. I think it's quite different but there's still some similarity. Difference would be that we're not suppose to be poised and pull-up all the time but more flexible/maleable. I'm having trouble letting loose. Have always been too concerned on what everything should look like, where we should look, arms, legs; the whole package before doing the step and the letting loose technique kinda throws me off. I have to think, force myself to relax and just throw myself into the steps instead of thinking too much of it.

There's another class tonight. It's not compulsory and my thighs are hurting. I'm not sure if I'm going to go but I've already packed my stuff in case I decide to go which at this moment I'm kinda thinking of going.

Hope I won't be bed ridden tomorrow. :)

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