Monday, March 31, 2003

the merry widow

It was a short (in terms of rehearsal time - only 5 weeks?) but tiring journey. Full of last minutes changes, new songs, new movements. Changes which lasted up until the last performance on Saturday night where we had to learn a song at 8.30pm with the show beginning at about 8.45pm.

What a crazy ride it was.

But it was good.

The attendance and audience energy was much better on the second night, which was open to the general public, than the audience on the first night, the corporate and VVIP audience. Actually the first night was kinda down putting, for me anyway, cause the audience was quite stone faced (Colin would probably say that's cause we're not doing our job well). We must have done much better on the second night cause the kind audience gave us a standing ovation. Thank you. :)


I was exhausted after the last night's performance. My running around Bangsar prior to performance time on both days probably didn't help any, of course. I bought tickets to watch the Actors at Work shows (Sat & Sun) by Bell Shakespeare's (quite enjoyable) when I went to watch Goldfish Tale. Also went for a Beginners Argentine Tango workshop by the visiting Ms. Gladys Fernandez and Ricardo Gallo at the new dance studio - Dance Space - after the Actors at Work show on Saturday before rushing to my own show. I really enjoyed the workshop; I think I might sign up for the lessons by Marguerite.

Marguerite's a really graceful lady who I'm told is already a granny. She certainly doesn't move like one. Nor does she look like one either. She has a body that any dancer would be envious of - all long limbs and really slim. I suspect that she was a ballerina when she was younger. Anyway, still thinking about whether I'm going to take lessons from her there cause it's quite pricey - RM100 per month. *yikes*

Oh yes! I almost forgot. The people from Tosca called on Friday ... I'm in! Yay! There's gonna send the scores and contract by post. So, I should get it sometime this week. :D

That means I have about quite a few more things to do.
  • Marc Rochester's program on 14 April,

  • In Line dance competition 25 & 26 April,

  • The Phil's show for Kiwanis 24 May,

  • The Phil's charity dinner at Maju Palace (if anyone's interested, email me for tickets and information),

  • Tosca in July(?)

WOW! Quite a number.

Hmmm ... there's nothing in my planner for the second half of the year yet. Dennis is still keen on getting me to dance in his show. Not sure if I want to do it cause he's stuff is so avant garde. I don't know shit about avant garde stuff. I think they're kinda weird. Will see what he has planned. If it's not too weird, I might do it. :)

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