Thursday, March 13, 2003

Lo Lo - A Grissette of Paree ...

Ah ... the first production of the year. Two weeks and a half to showtime. Tickets for the Merry Widow concert are/should be on sale at ticketcharge. However, JasonC informed us that it's not - available at ticketcharge ... yet. I'm sure they're going to get a wee bit of tongue lashing tomorrow from Phillip. For those who are interested, there's only one day to watch it - 29th March. The 27th March show is sold out.

Anyway, rehearsals been going great. Blocking is still kinda messy but I suppose that will get sorted out when we practise with the soloists. Oh yes and the choreography for the Grissette piece has yet to be done but Suz will be figuring that out. Should be fun. :)

After that, have to see if we can get a venue for the PCP. Forgot to ask Karen earlier today if we could use her place. Hmmm ... otherwise we'll have our club night sometime later and no PCP.

Right that's Merry Widow ...

saw: interesting piece on rock candy on the news. very pretty candies.
didn't see: La Femme Nikita ... thought I'd at least manage to watch the second half of the show when I got home late but it was not there. There at the time that it is suppose to be showing as stated in the TV Guide. I'm pissed. I've missed quite a number of episodes now. Urgh! Luckily, managed to watch the episode where they move out of their operational HQ. v.v. important episode. They were in gay Pareee! I'd always thought they were either somewhere in America or in London. Don't know why. Just do.
to-do tomorrow: Loreal product launch at Emporium? To go or not to go?

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