Wednesday, March 26, 2003

artsy fartsy

A bit of an artsy fartsy this past few days. Went to the MPO on Friday to watch Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush with music conducted and composed by Carl Davis.

I thought it was just gonna be another orchestral performance but with a big screen in front of it. But I truly truly enjoyed it. Not just plain 'like it' but really liked it. Although, halfway through the movie I'd forgottend that it was being accompanied by a real life orchestra. Would definitely go watch it again if they're gonna do another one of this silent movie with music thing. The movie was really good. Much better even than some of the things that we see on our cinemas these days. There has been a lot of crap showing at the movies. And I don't remember Charlie Chaplin movies being so long. It was all of 96 minutes. Chaplin is a genius. I wonder where I can get my hands on more Chaplin movies. I remember they used to show it on the telly but that was pre-idiotic-make-no-sense-cencorship. They even censored 'Mind Your Language', c'mon! Thank you though for showing that series again. Hmmm ... I wonder how they'd show 'The Benny Hill Show' these days ... but I digress.

Next up, 'Spilt Gravy On Rice'. Award winning. 'nuff said.

Actually, I think I'll say something about it. It's no surprise why they won so many awards at the recent Cameronian Awards. The cast were strong, the set was brilliant and the lighting very well done. Plus, they were so funny! I laughed my head off.

Earlier today, went to watch 'The Goldfish Tale' cause Fang's in it. Thought I'd go support her on her debut performance. She was quite good in it. Not much can be said about her performance cause it was quite small but she did have a scene with another actress and she was really good in it.

NOW this show struck a chord cause I went through/am still going through what the role Seng (played by the toast of the local critics, Gavin Yap) went through. The need to runaway. To escape. To leave all the problems of family life and wanting to live your own life without the constant criticism by family members. Seng, I feel for you man!

Choong Chi-Ren, the playright, must have written this from his own experience. I guess it's a common enough experience by students returning from their overseas studies, having tasted the joys of independant living away from know-it-all and I'm-doing-what's-best-for-you parents, away from what they think is a problematic home life. He wrote about how we expect certain events will evoke sudden transformation in a person. About how this is so unrealistic. That people don't change overnight just because something happened. So true. And I know it's true as well that we shouldn't try escaping the problems but whenever something comes up again, you just can't help but rant and think about it. To get away.

To be able to think about it is my means of escape. That there is a possibility of getting away from it all. I cling to that possibility ... although I know that I'll probably never act on it. Knowing that that is no way of solving the problem.

... but I cling to it nonetheless.

It's my version of hope in Pandora's Box.

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