Monday, February 17, 2003


*sigh* Failure. I'm an absolute failure. Went for two auditions and didn't even get in any.

The first one was a long shot anyway. An opera. I'm not classically trained so I'm not surprised. Just went for the heck of it. Ended up having the auditioner giving me an impromptu lesson on breathing. Hee hee.

But the second one. The second one I was hoping I could at least get into the ensemble. I know I sang pretty okay but I couldn't feel the piece and didn't manage to act it out. So, that's bad. The monologue was absolutely horrible. We can conclude now that acting wise, I'm absolutely useless. I knew right away that I'm definitely not getting a callback cause those who do are told to arrange their callback time at the front desk. All I got was a "thanks, we have your number".

I'm discouraged. I should just sing in choirs. Never to try for another musical any longer. :( I'm an absolute nervous wreck when it comes to auditions.

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