Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Nice feet

No not in the fetish manner.

Someone commented that I had 'nice feet' after a trial adult ballet class on Saturday. Yes. I'm yet again forraging(sp?) into the possibility of getting back into ballet. Anyway, back to the feet, saying that someone has 'nice feet' is really a compliment. What is a constitutes 'nice feet'? I haven't the faintest idea. I hear it often enough in ballet movies (eg. Center Stage) but I never knew what it meant. Was never told be my ballet teacher what it was. *shrugs*

Then the next trial class on Monday at another studio, the teacher said I have nice point. Now THAT I understood although I find it quite odd cause I did not have a good point when I was doing ballet. Has my point improved since? Can lack of practise actually improve a condition? Or was it just the split sole jazz shoes that I was wearing that gave her the illusion of a better point that it actually is?

Nonetheless, all very encouraging comments for me to restart my ballet passion. Now all I have to do is find a suitable class to take. Those trial classes were for beginner, as in those who've not taken ballet before. I was a little bored during those classes, maybe not the Monday one cause the teacher did so some not beginner moves and I feel sorry for the other two girls was in the class; the looked at a loss. Might try that studio's major classes but they're rehearsing for their annual concert and won't be done till May. Does that mean I'll have to wait till May? Maybe, I'll wait for their call. The teacher said she'll talk to the studio owner and then call me.So, I wait.

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