Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Hello, my name is Empress ... and I'm a shopaholic

Slowly but steadily, I'm turning into a shopaholic.

Well ... relative to my usual shopping habits that is.

I have only recently purchased a mini-hifi with DVD playback and twin deck cassette slots(?). That was less than a week? A fortnight ago? Then yesterday, I bought a new pair of shoes and a digital camera.

The shoes I can justify purchasing cause I've been looking for a pair to replace my old black pumps/court shoes that I use regularly and have absolutely worn out the heel. It's so worn out that the plastic in the inside of the heel is showing. So, a replacement was necessary. When I saw that pair of Renoma at RM70 I snapped it up. Nice gorgeous sexy shoes. I'm still surprised that I can wear a size 6. I'm usually a size 6 half or 7 depending on the cut. Renoma must make shoes for people like me. People with broad feets. Cool. Should buy more Renoma shoes now. It was quite a bargain as well cause the salesgirl said that the regular price was actually RM170+. RM70 is much cheaper than my old el cheapo Vincci shoes which was actually not that cheap in the first place. I think I bought it for about RM120.

Hurrah! New shoes!

Next, after much surveying for the digital camera, I went back to the camera shop in Bangsar, which I checked out about two weeks ago, who gave me the best price for the Olympus Camedia C-730UZ. The snobs at Sungei Wang quoted me everything between RM1750 to RM2200. Bangsar quoted RM1650.

I bought an additional 128M SM card and a battery charger along with the camera. I'm more that RM2000+ poorer now.

Wowzers! My credit card bill's gonna be sky rocketting the next time it arrives. Eeps! And the guy at the bank call this afternoon to tell me that I forgot to sign my cheque for my card payment ... again! Sheesh! Guess I'm not too good at using checques to make payments. Out of all the times which I have made payments with a cheque, I've only managed to do it properly twice! Should probably stick to cash.

So, I'll be learning how to use my camera for the next few days and hopefully by the time I'm off to the UKs, I'd be familiar enough with some of the functions to take some decent pictures.

First picture taken with my new camera. It's the mess which is my bedside table.

I'm testing the zoom with this picture. It's Joe Bear!

Joe Bear again!

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