Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Thurs, Nov 7 - Went for dinner with Grace. Main reason was to get my Cats program back. Signed by members of the cast. You might remember that I wasn't really that taken with the cast. So, why did I want their markings on my program? I don't know? Cause I could. The Fame program was the first one that got signatures and the Chicago program had two cause two of the performers were in Fame as well. So, I want signatures on all my programs if possible. I don't think I'll be able to get signatures from the performers when I go for the shows in London. Would be great if I could but I highly doubt the possiblity.

Anyway about the dinner ... we had a great blast talking about the show (Cats), her experience working as a dresser, what she planned to do, what I wish I had the guts to do, etc... etc... So much fun talking. Mostly cause we were talking about Music Theatre. I get really excited talking about Music Theatre. Grace has signed up with a placement agency which places people with jobs in the UK. It's mostly going to be washing dishes or waiting tables at some dingy restaurant but she doesn't mind cause she'll try and source for internship or volunteer at the numerous theatres there in London (if she gets to work in London). *fingers all crossed for Gracie*

I told her how I wish I had the guts to do Music Theatre and she said that I should just go for it. She think I have the voice for it and that since I dance as well ... well, that's a plus! Thanks for the vote of confidence Grace ;) Also told her about my wish to migrate to Australia cause the chances of getting it is higher than me trying for the UK. If I ever do get an offer for a job in either place, I'd jump at the chance. Just pack up my bags and go. As it is, I'd have to stop procratinating soon and finish up that resume of mine and send that and the form that Tim's friend (he does migration stuff) passed to me back to him for processing.

We ended the night with me passing her almost all of the musical CDs that I own. In fact, I think that is all my musical CDs. Missing them much now. :(

Fri, Nov 8 - Nothing much happened. Work. Streetvoiz* practise. Shasae** practise. Sleep.

Sat, Nov 9 - Last ditch search for a nice dress or long skirt for dinner this evening. Managed to find a nice skirt. Gorgeous in fact (to me at least). It's a long flowy skirt in red with a black gauze like layer over it so it looks maroonish. There's also one in blue and black which looks purplish(sp?). However, they don't have it in my size. I think that range was made for larger size women. Although I consider myself petite, I'm not of the small size but still their smallest size was a 8(US), I think. I could probably fit in something which was one or two sizes smaller. If they only had it, I would have gladly paid the RM99 bucks for it. A huge discount from the original price of RM199. I think it would have been a worthy buy.

Sadly, I placed the skirts back on their racks and went to pay for the nail polish I picked up earlier. A Revlon Chrome polish in Silver; it's not called Silver, I'm sure it has some fancy name but I don't remember it. I don't need the polish but I just couldn't resist buying it. Then went to get more of those tiny grips for the hair.

Headed for the rehearsal before the dinner. I'm late. They've only practised once. (Thank goodness!) Pissed Sae Min off cause I told him he was out of time. It could have just been me but I really think it was him a part felt a little rushed and we were out of time after that part. He's pissed and I'm pissed. So, what else is new?

The performance went ok. The dinner was ok. Not great.

Dashed to Corus Hotel for the Choir AGM. Big surprise! (read that dripping with sarcasm) Got elected into the committee again. Sat around and went home.

Got home, remembered that I left my dress at the dressing room at Eastin (where the dinner was). Called Sae Min about it. He still there and said he'll check it for me.

Sun, Nov 10 - Picked up aunties from KLIA at 6.30am. I went to sleep at 3.30am so you can see how groggy I was when I drove. Groggy driving at high speed not a good combination people. If you ever see a red Kancil heading your way, stay clear!

Nothing much after that. Dance class and much needed nap after that.

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