Thursday, November 28, 2002

Sunday: Remember my ranting about my partner? Well, he beat me to it. I was gonna talk to my teacher before approaching him but he approached me first.

He asked me if I was still interested in competitions.
He felt that I think that I was the better dancer.
He says that I don't practise my steps during disco practises, that I just sit and wait when the others are being corrected.
He said that I was the one who wasn't free for practise the past few months when he EXPECTED me to be free

YES I am interested in competitions. I thought that he wasn't cause he's been concentrating more on disco that latin the past few months.
NO I don't think I'm the better dancer. I know he's like a rubber band and can gyrate better than any girl can. I just correct him to be able to do my part. I'm totally selfish in that part. But whose fault is it if he doesn't correct me when he feels something doesn't feel right? I can't feel it for him. He NEEDS to tell me when something is wrong. Like I've stated before. I'm no mind reader.
YES I don't practise my steps much unless I'm not sure of the steps. If I think I know the steps and you don't correct me otherwise, what do I need to do? I do it when the music comes on.
WHAT THE FUCK! I'm not a robot for god sakes. I've got a job with a deadline which has been changed again and again, I have to practise disco 3 times a week for disco, I've got choir and ballroom once a week. It's not like I have been going out partying the whole time. I haven't seen my friends for ages! If he'd stuck with the once a week disco practise as was previously agreed, I would be available for latin practise.


Anyway, we talked to the teacher. He says dissatisfaction with the partnership happens all the time. Suggested we cool off competitive practise for the time being and just do social. Says that we should discuss when we have a problem and need compromise more and if we can't solve a problem then ask him.

Well, we're cooling it for the time being. Don't know for how long though. Will need to ask my partner soon. Haven't seen him since Sunday.

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