Monday, October 21, 2002

It was a restful weekend.
Didn't do much on Saturday. In fact, can't remember what I did on Saturday.
One sec, let's have a look in my planner to see if it might enlighten me a little.

Ah yes.
Watched James Dean on Astro at noon, squash training at 5pm and Billy Elliot at 10pm. See, a planner is a good thing. It reminds you what you have to do and also what you have done.
Good old planner.
Now, if I can only make my stingy self go buy one of those fancy palm top; I'd have a planner which actually gives out alarms as well. Something that would remind me that I have something to do without me having to open it up and look in it.
Yes. The ultimate lazy tool.

Then on Sunday, the usual dance practise was cancelled. Yay! More time for sleepin'.
Like a pig, slept till 12.30pm then went for bak kut teh.
Man! This is the life.

Wasn't totally stationary though. Had dance class at 4pm, then practise till 7pm before rushing home to treat the family to a dinner cause I got my bonus.

Oh yes, installed a program for my dad on Saturday as well.

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