Friday, October 25, 2002

1st runner up

... which means we lost. Or if you're the optimistic type, we won second. For this matter, I'm gonna be the optimist so, hurrah! We won!

Of course, I'm talking about the cha-cha competition at Orange. What else could it be? What else did I have on that's a competition?

Well ... besides the company games that is coming up this weekend.

Anyway, I'm sort of relieved that they even gave us second placing cause we did a lot of mistkaes. Mistakes after mistakes. Forgotten steps, loss of balance, muscle cramps, the whole enchilada. Both of us.

Sae Min's cramps were due to the hair show he did back on Tuesday. Mine? I don't know where it came from. I don't usually get muscle cramps.

Not when I swim without warming up.
Not when I play squash without warming up.
Not when I dance without warming up ... up till today.

About ten seconds into our routine, during the solo portion of the competition, this is where we have the whole floor to ourselves, my right calf muscle started cramping. I know this cause I do a lot of spins where I land with my weight partly on the balls of my right foot; therefore flexing the right calf muscle. So, I couldn't do a full flex and this was also a cause for my loss of balance. The other reason is that I'm just not very good at stopping after spinning.

The right leg would have helped a little but without it, I'm a lost cause.

La di da ... that's over. Guess it's just more practise, practise, practise in order to remedy that.

On another note, the cute guy I've been eyeing happens to be Margaritte's son. Margaritte's got a bad throat and can't MC today so she asked her son to help out. He seems like a nice boy; helping out his mom almost every week. Well, I'm not quite sure if it is every week but for all the time that I've gone to Orange on Thurdays for the salsa class last time and the past two times for the competition, he was there. Cute and filial ... mama's boy?

I had a good time 'cuci-ing mata' tonight. There's mama's boy and then there's Estaban. I still think he looks sexy when he danced. Sexy ... mmm mmm mmm!

Also, met Jason tonight. Danced with him some. One thing though ... "Jason, you need to learn your timing for salsa. I know I'm not an expert but I think you're starting off on the wrong beat."

Plus, c'mon, honestly, tell me what you think of my dancing.

C'mon spit it out.

You don't have to be nice about it. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like. I need to know so that I know what needs to be furthur improved on. Ok?

Right then. Time for a quick shower and then ... TO BED! TO BED!

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