Thursday, September 26, 2002

well, now. has anyone missed me?

anyways, i guess it's about time that i blogged something about the show on sunday.
the show went well.
no mishaps ... maybe one teeny tiny one on your's truly but no biggie. still able to walk and run although jumping on the right foot might cause some minor discomfort.
we danced to a packed house.
we moved to an appreciative audience of mostly friends and family; kinda like a school recital :). but it was all good.
close to the end of the last piece, i forgot my steps (horrors!).
not too much only about 3 counts of the piece. luckily i manage to remember the rest and manage to continue instead of standing there in front of everyone looking confused while the rest of them were dancing.

so, the show was good.

i didn't realise what a toll the past few weeks have been. i guess you don't really realise exactly how tired/exhausted you are when you have to be somewhere doing something at some particular time and place.

on monday, i was tired but i made my way back to choir practise and the usual supper at kavari's after that. couldn't keep my eyes open long enough and made my way home before 11.30pm. we usually leave about midnight so that's pretty early.

then on tuesday, i was zombie-fied. went to work feeling all sickly, with a slight thobbing head and aching bones. urgh! i seriously wanted to go home. but didn't.

yesterday, i got lazy and applied for emergency leave. stayed in bed till 12pm. studied half a chapter for the upcoming exam and watch flatliners on astro. *sigh* rest at last.

[ now ] at work but still doing the recuperating thing. i have a feeling that i'm not one who can recuperate really quick. need several days more of doing nothings for complete recovery. but alas, several days of nothings is something really difficult to come by. *sigh*

back to work everyone!

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