Monday, September 02, 2002

Tired. Oh so tired. I can feel a slight headache rearing it's ugly head even as I write and it's bound to escalate should I remain awake ... which I have to cause I have choir and dance practise later. Since they overlap, I'd have to decide which I'm going for soon. The census right now is to head for the dance practise cause the performance is in less than 3 weeks and I have yet to imprint the steps into memory. Plus, there's one more dance that I still have to learn.

Yesterday's photo shoot for the performance was a disaster - at least for our group. Not sure if the photographer got anything which may pass off as a dance piece from our group. I'm quite sure MXV wasn't at all prepared for the way the photographers wanted to take the pictures. In fact, the whole group didn't expect that it would be taken that way - with everyone doing their piece and the photographers clicking away on their digital cameras, all of us thought we've just pose and they click . Which is another thing that surprised me. Looks like even professional photographers are using digital now. Bye bye films, hello memory cards.

Right. So I think I'm decided. I'll go for dance practise. Which means I'll have to leave now cause practise is in 50 minutes and the federal highway is never predictable and I might need all of those 50 minutes to get there. Ciao miao.

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