Thursday, September 05, 2002

pop star wedding

Weird dream last night. I dreamt that an ex-classmate of mine was marrying Justin Timberlake of N' Sync. Thing is, this ex-classmate, I haven't seen her since we left high school. That's not true, I've seen her once and said hi but she totally dissed me. Anyway, in the dream, it was her wedding day, somehow or rather, I was invited. She came to me and said she needed to just hang out with a friend for a moment. I'm thinking where the heck are the rest of her friends?

So, we just sat for awhile.

Then as I was walking towards a gate, I saw the rest of the N' Sync members with their dates. They were dressed in jeans and cowboy hats, kinda like in one of their videos, I don't remember which. "Odd way to dress for a wedding", I thought to myself. As we came closer, I waved at JC - something that I probably would never ever do to a stranger, except if they were kids in a car looking out the window.

To my surprise, he game over (sans date), hugged me, greeted me as if we were friends (called me by my name and all) and flirted a little. I played along although a still little surprised. Then his date came over and he introduced us. She looked at me spitefully(?) as if I'm trying to steal her date or something.

Then as JC started leaving to join the rest of the band, she lagged behind and said "I know all about you." Me - a little confused. "I've seen you a around and at Nouvo." said she. All this in a you-stay-away-from-my-man-you-man-stealing-bitch tone. Me, in total shock yelled back, "But I don't party!" She left me standing there feeling really confused. Maybe they had mistaken me for someone else. But that why would that person have my name? Do I have a Jeckle and Hyde split personality?

I was awaken at the point by my mom's call.

What a weird, weird dream. Why would I be dreaming of an ex-classmate who dissed me and whom I haven't seen in an age? Why N' Sync?! Don't mind the JC part but the rest left me with a big fat "HUH?"

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