Thursday, September 19, 2002

i was in a bad mood yesterday.
i didn't feel like going for the tech rehearsal ... but i did.
didn't feel like flocking ... but i did.
what i didn't do was puttin effort into what i was suppose to be doing and acting all happy and all that for the curtain call run through.

i was moody moody moody.

and i'm still kinda moody.
i'm thinking of all the things i need to complete, that would like it to complete, before the clients come in to look at the system on monday.
i know that there isn't a chance in hell that i'm going to see those things completed if i didn't work overtime from now until then.
but i have performance today, tomorrow, saturday and whole day sunday. so, i can't even work overtime.


i'm spending too much time worrying about that (work). time that should better be spent working on it. time that i'm currently using to blog than to work.

ok. i'm going back to work.

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