Friday, September 27, 2002

I heard a rumour that the next installment of Survivor, I think that would be Survivor 6, is currently being filmed at Pulau Pangkor. Seems that a friends aunt who is a nurse at a local private hospital treated Richard Hatch, the winner of the first Survivor, recently. It is said that Mr Hatch who was participating in S6 had been voted out by the tribal council and was seeking treatment at the hospital.

Which made me think.

How did he get to play the game again?
He's played it before and in fact won a million bucks at that.
Why is he allowed to play it again?
Isn't there a rule barring previous players from playing again?

Which also made me wonder if the rumour is indeed true.

So, has anyone heard anything about Survivor and Pangkor Island?
Can someone heading that direction check if this is true?
I don't really want to know. Just a little curious.

The organisers seem to like Malaysia quite a bit if the rumour's true. First Pulau Tiga. Now Pangkor.

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