Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Paintball on Sunday was good. Our team won all games but one, the one where they only had to grab one of the two flags. And I think that was about the only time the other team manage to get a flag. The were a bunch of cowards. All hiding behind the barrels and coverings and just plopping their guns out to shoot aimlessly. Which of course, worked to our advantage but it gets boring after awhile.

Especially for my position.

I was covering one of their flag, so that they won't be able to get it. There I was, aiming everywhere near the flag, there's usually someone behind the barrel near that flag but they never tried for it. So, I'd get bored and start shooting the other end of the field. At least that gave me something to do and something to shoot at.

I got shot several times. Once on my gun, on the mask, one each on the left and right calf (I've got bruises!) and once on my stomach. The stomach shot shouldn't be there anyway cause I was at home base to touch it before going out again after being shot. You aren't suppose to shoot at people at the home base or even people who have their arms high up in the air after being shot! Maybe the other team didn't understand the rules. Maybe didn't see due to all their hiding. Maybe they were just a bunch of cheating pussies. Whatever the reason, we still won. :)

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