Monday, August 26, 2002

o sole mio ...

Well, nobody sang that but when there was only one, a single, uno, male singer competing in the classical category, did I really expect to hear that? Of course not. And I didn't. All the songs were great. From the solos from the classical category and the contemporary category to the songs sung by the groups. Some sung very well and some ... not so well. I wouldn't say they were horrible, who am I to critise when I don't have the guts to enter it myself? :)

Have to say that I didn't agree with the end result of the competition. Especially in the classical category. I totally do not agree that Gan Lisan, the second place winner should even get a place. She wasn't bad but she just wasn't good. The song she sang, 'Art is calling for you', is so unsuitable for her. The song's character is suppose to be for a diva and she was so not diva! Hello! She looked bewildered more likely than diva looking and her movements were limitted to to palms cupped low and sometimes the left hand would separate and move towards the side. ??? Anyway, didn't think the guy who won top placing should have won first as well. He was good. I personnally would have given him the third placing and the first placing going to either Evelyn (who got third) or Janet, someone who the judges totally dismissed to be replaced with the oh-so-lacking-in-stage presense Lisan. Yes. I'm being mean again. :P

I'm quite happy with the result of the contemporary section. Kathleen who won top prize was excellent. Didn't manage to watch her second piece though cause I was busy bringing the next contestant backstage to prepare. Heard she was having lots of fun flirting with the judges. :) Good onya, Kath!

The group section was okay with two of the groups lead by a member of the phil winning 1st and 2nd. Not sure if I agree with the third placing - Fancy Poultry (what a name!). Heard their first piece entitled 'Cailin Og' which ended as soon as it started. Yes, it was that short. Plus I couldn't hear what they were singing. It sounded really odd. Their second song must have been their saving grace cause I heard that they did very well for that. So, I guess, it's okay that they got third then.

On the production and organisation side, Cris really missed out on some things. Firstly, we needed tickets so that we can identify who's paid and who hasn't. I suggested that they use the society's stamp as a substitute since we don't really have any other choice but to prevent people who've paid from going out of the hall. Of course, since I've suggested it, I had the 'honour' of stamping everyone with the society's stamp which read 'Property of the Philharmonic Society of Selangor'. Yups, everyone belonged to us for the entire 4 hours of the competition. :)

Secondly, Cris wanted the contestants to come in from backstage. Fine ... but, she didn't tell the contestants about it. Told her to announce it after the first contestant went finished but for some reason, she just doesn't want to. Not that she forgot cause I was there jumping and telling her to announce it but she just didn't want to do it. I still don't know why. So, I told her that I'll take the contestants backstage. Left the task of stamping people to Susan who was in charge of collecting entrance fee and began the escort service.

A very good turnout for a first competition, I think. Maybe we'll do it again next year and maybe in another hall cause this one was quite small and warm ... someone increased the temperature to 26 degrees celcius. That's warm for a small hall with lots of people.

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