Saturday, August 03, 2002

mmmm ...

Utterly enjoyable night. Went out with Az last night to the clubs. Original plan was to head to Modesto's grand cafe but that was so lame that we got out and headed to Nouvo across the street. Good choice. R & B tunes all night long. Lots of people to watch. Lots of really good movers as well. A standout was this guy with a gorgeous bod who's really confident in what he's doing added with a dash of arrogance. I like to see that when people dance. Confidence and arrogance. Good combination producing excellent watch.

Imaging my surprise when he came over to dance with me. I didn't know what to do. I'm not good with dancing with people (in the club scene way) so I just did my own thing. After awhile, he left. I think he got a little bored with my lack than enthusiastic response. What was I to do? I know he's hot and all but then I have this preconception that all these gwai lo (yes, he was a gwai lo) wants are one sex and night stands. I'd rather not lead them on thinking they might get it than to lead them on and then dissappoint them at the end of the night. Might as well let them go see greener pastures, right?

Someone please convince me that when guys come over to dance with you in a club, all they want is just that - to dance? Nothing more, nothing less.

Any gwai lo (foreigners) guys or guys, in general, reading this? What do you expect from girl if she lets you dance with her really close? You know, the regular R&B method, bodies really close, gyrating to the music kinda thing? Do you really just want to dance? Or are you expecting something more?

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