Friday, August 16, 2002

I need a dictionary just to read moby's blog. The words he uses. Man! How does he know all those words? Does he, like Rory from Gilmore Girls, study the dictionary? Or is it just me and my lack of vocabulary? Maybe I need to try reading the dictionary sometimes.

Anyway, new word learnt from senor moby (for my anyway), is vitriol. In his context, I guess he meant 'bitterly abusive feeling or expression'.

The three stooges here is getting really excited over the paintball game that we're going for this Sunday. They've been planning tacticals and all that. Haha ... so serious. Can't help but laugh at them whenever I hear them talking about it. Somehow they've gotten it into their little heads that I'm super fit and therefore will be one of the runner gunning for the flags. Geez! And here I was just hoping to not get shot just as soon as I the game begins. This should prove to be an interesting Sunday. Ooo! Which reminds me. I need a long sleeved t-shirt for Sunday. I don't have any yet. Must go out for it tomorrow then.

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