Monday, August 05, 2002

the bitch on the express lane

One of the things that ticks me off are the people queuing int the 10 items or less express lane who are not suppose to be there. Normally, if someone in front of me has more than 10 items, I'd just say 'Gosh! Can't people read? It's an express lane!' aloud. Hoping maybe it'll embarass them and then think twice the next time they do that again.

Last night however, I, somehow managed to create scene.

We were at Carrefour queuing at the express lane after getting a few items and I started telling her about the time when I was queuing in the express behind a Malay guy and his family who had more that 10 items and how I hate it when people do that. As I was doing that, the Chinese guy in front of me (also with his family) started unloading his cart. While queuing behind him, he didn't seem to have more than 10 items in his cart but it seems like he actually had much more than that when he started unloading. So I asked my sister if she could confirm and she said he does indeed have more than 10 items.

The Chinese guy then turned and stared at me. I don't know what he was expecting of me but I said, "This is an express lane."

"There's two of us what. I pay for half and she (pointing to his wife) pay for half-lah. Not more than 10 items each what!", he barked back rudely. His eyes all squinty and his voice raised.

"Yes, but you're paying together so that makes it more than 10 items and this lane is for people with 10 items or less.", I replied.

"Okay. So we pay separately lah. Why you so busy body?", said the four eyed ass.

"But that's not the point, you came together and you were going to pay together.", said I. "Had I not opened my big fat mouth!", I thought to myself.

"We pay separately lah. Why you so busy body?", he repeated and to the cashier he said, "Bill it separately." and turned back to stare at us.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I retorted. At that moment the reply, "It is my business when you are slowing down my line because you have more stuff to pay for!", didn't come to mind. I was still reeling from the guy blaming/attacking(?) me for speaking out my mind.

My sister spoke then to say to nobody in particular, "Some people are just not civic minded."

The guy then switched to Cantonese and said sarcastically, "I know you are very well educated."

Fuck! "What the hell does that have to do with anything? Why? Your parent's never sent you to school? What sort of school did you go to that you didn't learn about civic mindedness." I replied incredulously. He didn't look like he didn't have an education. He looked as though he had finished high school, in the least.

Right then the cashier asked him if the rest of the items on the counter was his and if she's to check those as well. Dumb cashier. Didn't you fucking hear what we were arguing about and what he said about paying separately? Check it out separately for fuck sakes!

But what he did was he pushed his stuff toward the cashier and the dumb cashier checked those out. He paid with a credit card which again slowed down the queue but since the lane is not for cash paying customers only, I didn't say anything about it. Just stared at him.

A short while later, after I've paid for my stuff, we saw him waiting for us and staring at us again. He didn't have long to wait anyway, we had less than 10 items which was why I was in that queue in the first place. He then walked off with his cart. I was told by my sis later that he was mutterring something in Cantonese as he walked away. I don't know what he said cause I didn't hear it and my sister's Cantonese is even worse off than mine so she couldn't translate it.

Cor! If he hadn't been such an ass hole then everything would have been fine. If he had only just paid for his stuff and then walk away quietly none of that would have happened. If he had turned around, smiled and apologetically said, "Sorry." then none of that would have happened.

But he did and so that happened.

Oh he so fucking pissed me off. If only I could, I would have just smacked him and said "Fuck you! You're in the wrong here and you fucking dare raise your voice at me? What fucking examples are you setting for your kids here yelling at two girls?" Didn't I mention it? He had to children. What a fucking fine example of a father he is! Plus, I hardly say fuck in public only to myself. I still remember when I first used it. It was during SPM (final high school exam) but that's another story. ;)

My sister told my dad about it when we got home and I think I heard him say something like 'Don't try and make trouble'. I knew they'd (my parents) say something like that. If I had gone to the shop with my parents, that would have happened.

But it did.

Tell me, did I make too much of a little thing? My only thought whenever I que in the express lane was that it's great for people who just came for a quick grab and go off and that the management should enforce this ie. make the cashier ask people who don't comply with the 10-items-and-less rule go que at another counter, especially so during peak hours when all counters are occupied.

Tell me. Was I being a total bitch?

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