Monday, August 12, 2002

the affair of the necklace

I bought this book a few months back and only managed to read it two days ago. I must say that I am quite dissappointed with it. Everything seemed so vague and surface. Character developement is almost at a minimum. I cannot find it in me to feel compassion for the cause of Jeanne de la Motte-Valoise (the protagonist) nor the hate widely corrupt Cardinal Rohan. The story is nice enough but I felt that it should have had more depth. More explanation, more feelings, ... just MORE.

Maybe the movie was better but I have not been able to find it anywhere. None of the pirates here knows the show. Nobody seems to have heard about it. Granted, it is not a blockbuster hit but to not have a single soul that I know hear about this movie/book before is quite remarkable to me. Makes me wonder how I got interested in this book in the first place.

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