Monday, July 08, 2002

semi-finals ... again

Competition yesterday was utterly tiring for me and I'm only doing two dances; cha-cha and jive. Outcome wasn't too bad. Managed to get into the semi-finals of the Novice category. I'm happy enough ... at least we didn't get kicked out in the heats! :)

So, this time around, we had to dance in the heats, the quarter finals and the semi finals. As compared to the Millennium competition back in March where we danced only twice, the heats and then the semi-finals. Must try and get into the finals the next time round.

The day was great even though I was tired before we even began, thanks to the 5 hour hair braiding that I did for my hair which ended with me finally going to bed at 3am. Then waking up at 8am. *yawn* Dance floor was much better than the one at the Istana Hotel, although a little sticky but the Ballroom was much better at the Istana, looked grander, so was the washroom. Washroom at the Wisma PGRM (venue) is not very make-up friendly, too dark, dim. It's lucky that I brought a mirror along so the girls could put on their make-up at the changing room (a hall on the opposite side on the competition hall) instead of in the washroom.

Plenty of people = plenty of people watching opportunity.

My favourite watch would be one of the adjudicators. While all of the other adjudicators would be serious, standing still or walking about looking at the competitors, this one was tapping his foot, moving to the music and even once, I caught him mouthing to the song that was playing. :) One thing I noticed, where the other adjudicatos usually take turns in judging the competition, he judged almost all the competition save a few in the afternoon. He definitely judged all the competition in the evening. Poor guy. His feet must have hurt from standing all day. Well, at least he looked good doing it. He had on a beige jacket for the afternoon session and the a quick change into a jacket with mandarin collar with some sort of cravat? or kerchief tied around the neck. Very nice. Very stylish. Mucho yummy!

Anyway, Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova was back again. So, I had an eyefull of gorgeous dancing by the couple. Also had fun watching couple no. 1. I don't remember what their names were but they were really good too. I really liked their paso doble. Really strong and with brilliant dramatic expression. In my opinion, they did better in the paso than Darren and Lilia. However, I really like Darren and Lilia's samba. Boy of boy can Lilia really shake that hip of hers. Amazing.

Lastly, I do not agree with the decision of the judges on one of the finalist in the Amateur Latin section. It was an Australian couple and their dancing was not that great. Several of the other asian dancers were better than them but they got in. I don't understand it. Or rather I do but I don't agree with it. Judges here seems to like putting foreigners into finals no matter if the other asians were better. If the asians were not significantly obviously better, chances are, the foreign couple would make it to the finals.

But hey! What do I know? I'm only a Novice.

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