Thursday, July 11, 2002


After ballroom class last night, went through the latin routine SM for a short, really short, time. He's trying to get a gig for us for his bosses sister's something. The last gig we had was slightly after the March competition ie. early April.

It was his birthday yesterday and some people at the studio bought cake and we celebrated.

Coach came in after most of us ate the cake (thank goodness!) and while we were looking at the pictures taken on Sunday. Lots of pictures on the ballroom couples and not too many on us latin couples. I think there are about three more with me in it - all pictures of my 'lovely' back and gorgeous hair.

So, the coach, while having his cake, started disecting our moves based on the pictures. Lots on the ballroom couples cause they had more pictures.

A few comments on our pictures:
- picture not included Need to straighten my arm when we're both facing opposite sites, back-to-back but with hand hold. Required to feel position of partners' body.
- refer top picture SM looks like he's doing social dancing while I was trying to go all out.
- refer bottom picture SM too straight and need rounder arms. Me, right knees 'rest' on top part of calf just below the back of the left knee plus don't turn out supporting leg so much.
- no pictures but seen by all My stumble after my spins! They said I did that twice but I only really remembered one. Even at that time I was thinking 'Shit! What the heck happened?! Did I put too much force in my spins? Did SM pushed too hard?' I couldn't figure it out at that time and I still don't know what happened. Maybe I just lost balance. Spinning and then stopping is one of my weakest moves. Why in the world did the coach put so many of them in our routine is beyond me. Anyone with tips on how to stop really solidly after spins, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

other matters
Got a call earlier from Anne. I've been drafted again to play squash for the company. She called to inform that training will begin in August and that the company games is on Oct 26 & 27. *sigh* Haven't played any since the last company games. Oh yeah! Most likes, I won't be playing number one ladies for the team this time. They've got Carrie Yeo to join. She was one of the national players way back when I was playing juniors. Didn't even know she was with the company but then it is a really large company ... I mean, group of companies.

Have been thinking again of just packing and going off somewhere far far away for a long long time. Maybe just work as a waitress somewhere and not have to think so much. Thing is, I don't think waitressing would pay for all the lessons that I still want to take. So, still need a good paying job. Location options right now are 1) get an Aussie PR and go back to Merlbourne (yups! still dreaming of going back!) and 2) get the working-tourist visa to UK, bum around for about 2 years then come back. Problem with option 2 is that I can only work 25 hour week. How am I going to get enough money for rent and food? Option 1, what if they reject my application? That would be a few thousand down the drain.

Really should do something about it rather than talk, think and yearn about it. I figured, I need at least RM25,000 before I can seriously consider those options. That would take me a few more months? A year?

If I really, really can't stand this company anymore, I'd say 'FUCK IT' and just resign. Bleeding company requires 3 months notice! Can you believe it?

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