Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I've been a total bitch at work to my idiot colleague this past few days. It is mainly due to the fact the deadline for my project is fast approaching and nothing concrete has yet been done for the project. When I say nothing concrete, I mean no application code has been written ... NONE AT ALL!

Why haven't I written anything?

Well ... the company's project for this line of application that we're pushing is suppose to be based on a framework. The old framework written by a colleague, who have since left for his PhD studies, is too rigid and limitting. We had to hack and find work arounds to get it to do the things we need. Not a very productive appication building process. Therefore, after we've finished with that project (app based on old framework), the idiot decided to modify/redesign/recode the framework.

I had at first thought that it would be a fabulous idea and even gave him input on what I'd like to be able to do with the new framework. What I didn't expect was for him to try to write everything by himself and not informing the rest of us on what he's up to, how far along he is, what features would be in it. Since he didn't tell us anything, I thought that he would have taken my input in and built the framework with what I have requested. BUT ... that is not the case, which I had the pleasure of finding out on Monday at approximately 6.30pm.

Feeling the pressure of a deadline and not being able to do anything with no framework, I had requested a discussion with the idiot to check on his progress and whether I should still wait for the new framework. Of course, I had checked with him prior to that on his progress almost weekly but everyweek was like 'I'll have something that you can code with by Friday'. That went on for several weeks with him not giving me anything at all. No interface, no class definitions, no function definitions ... no nothing! I had told him to at least give me the class and function definition so that at least I can have something to code with even though I can't test it as yet. It would be much faster and more productive to have something coded for the application while waiting for the framework to be completed so that when the framework is completed, we could test the application codes. Now, we're just sitting there WAITING.

It's true that most of us have other tiny projects at the same time and that we're not actually sitting on our buts staring into space but this is another one of our project and most importantly, a project for an outside client with a deadline of the end of July. Which would you prioritise? Impending deadline with income project or completing minor non-income earning projects?

Anyway, back to the discussion with the idiot.

So, I found out that the new framework wouldn't do what I had expected it would do, which is also the main reason I had been waiting for the new framework instead of the old one. Had I known this, I would have modified what I had wanted to do and did the project with the old framework. Fuck him for this! When asked when he would be able to finish the framework, he-who-always-ask-me-for-a-deadline-for-finishing-a-module-he-requested, said that he doesn't know. How dare he! I almost exploded. But instead I told him that that was not acceptable and that he has to give me a timeline otherwise I would have no idea how to proceed. The idiot replied that I can't push him for a timeline cause he doesn't know. Heck! I don't fucking know when I am able to finish modules as well but you pushed me for a freaking date and then don't accept it when I said I don't know and I had to give you one anyway and then I have to try to finish it be then. Why do you fucking expect me to accept an 'I don't know now?'

So, now, I still don't know when he's gonna finish. One thing I did was push him to give me the interface so that I can have something for the rest of the team to begin with. His deadline is today. By 5.30pm this evening, I'm expecting to see the interface. If he doesn't have it, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'd put the blame on him but since I'm in charge of the project, I'm to blame as well right?

*sigh* This is why for my next job, I just want a lowly programming job. Just tell me what you want coded and I'll code it for you. No thinking. No decisions. Less responsibility.

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