Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Spectacular! Spectacular!

I finally saw 'Burn the Floor' last night. Have heard about it from people at the studio, the rave reviews on my random searches about it and from jason. Then my dance partner said he had a copy but it was with a friend. When he finally got it back, it took him a few weeks to pass it to me. He keeps forgetting to bring it and one time he did bring it but forgot to give it to me. So, last Sunday, he brought it and I managed to watch it last night.

Well, I actually saw a pirated DVD copy selling on the streets of Penang during my holidays last week but resisted the temptation to purchase cause I was gonna get to watch it eventually. Damn my incredible willpower! Because of you I have missed on days of not watching the incredible dancing from the 44 couples on that show.

As I was watching the show, I first picked the cha-cha, samba, rumba sequence which was dance to a very industrial sound. The dancers looked like they came out of some futuristic movie. Y'know those where everyone looks like they're in rags with googles on their head and living in the sewers with steam puffing out of vents all over. Very Mad Max. Or is it Total Recall? Anyway, it was so cool. A total change from the flashy latin costume and shoes and into a modern clothes and sneakers. If I hadn't been watching carefully, I might have just missed that they were actually dancing the cha-cha, samba and rumba. It looks like any other hip-hop, modern day dance. Great sequence!

I thought that was going to be my favourite sequence ... up until the swing number came up. I have always had a soft spot for swing dance and music. In fact, I have several swing and rockability albums in my collection. Would actually be more if I could find them in the local stores and they didn't cost above RM75 a piece! Oops! Digressed ... As I was saying, I love swing and all the dancers looked very hep. I wanna learn to swing! Oh, they added a little bit of jive into the sequence as well. They danced to 'Jump Jive an' Wail', 'Transylvania 6500' (I think) and the classic 'Swing, Swing, Swing'. There was also a piece called the 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy' with three girls singing in old time bikini. So chic. :) I like the sound they made. Great voice arrangements.

So, those two sequences are currently tied as my favourite.

Fave couples from the who show would be Jason Roditis and Tonia Kosovich, which is featured on the cover of the VCD, and Matthew Cutler & Nicole Cutler.

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