Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Class was cancelled yet again last night. No room available. SM tried calling me at 7.55pm (class was suppose to be at 8pm) then texted me instead when he could get me. My battery was dead. I only found that out after I've parked near the studio and was transferring stuff from my work bag to another bag. Luckily V had a Nokia charger. I managed to retrieve that text ... but I was already at the studio.

Just when I had finished reading the text, SM called. We decided to practise anyway.

Showed our routine to some people who were still at the studio after we've practised and asked for their feedback. Here's what they said:

Cha-cha routine
"... not sharp enough. Cal's too soft."
"... hip movement part need to be more defined, ie. more evident slow-slow-quick-quick-quick."

"very nice. Better than the cha-cha."

Hmmm ... which is weird cause we haven't done anything with the Jive routine or done any Jive in class since the last competition back in March.

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