Monday, May 27, 2002

On holiday

Hey, hey. I'm on holiday. In Penang. The drive there was so long. Originally, the drive up north was suppose to take only 4 hours but this beeing a long weekend, Awal Muharram on Saturday and Wesak Day on Sunday with a Monday holiday, the traffic was attrocious. At every toll on the highway, there was a massive jam. Every toll! Therefore in the end we got to Penang at 7pm. EDT was Saturday 11am.

We're staying at my dad's friend's apartment which has an incredible view of the sea. The apartment is of a good size; three bedrooms, a large hall fully equiped with television and a radio, a small kitchen with no stove, and two bathrooms. Nice. :) There's also a gymnasium downstairs (the apartment's at the 14th floor) and two swimming pools.

Didn't do much yet this trip. Basically just lazed around at the apartment watching DVDs. Saw Zoolander and Ocean's Eleven this morning and half of Lord of the Rings last night. Did a bit of swimming this evening as well ... all of 20 minutes I think. Heh heh ... not a lot. Haven't been to the beach yet, haven't done any sun bathing, haven't had my assam laksa from my favourite assam laksa stall in air hitam ... haven't done much of anything!

Did go to Gurney Plaza this evening though. Visited British India Home, it's a shop, to check if they still have the purple bedsheet that I wanted to buy but didn't about six months ago. Nope. Not there anymore. Serves me right. The rest, sister, brother, aunts and dad, bought some clothing from F.O.S. (the visiting aunts from UK's fave shopping outlet).

Staying at my Penang aunt's place now cause I need internet connection. I have an article for adequacy that I needed to send out.

Right now at this very moment, am waiting for the JDK to finish downloading. *sigh* only 11% done. 89% more to go. It's gonna be a long night.

See, I promised my colleague that I'd work on the e-mail module that he needed over my holidays (I took the whole of this week off!). So, to be able to do that, I'd need a network connection to test the module. My PC doesn't have a modem at the moment so I need to install the JDK and other modules to do my work on my dad's laptop. It has internal modem.

So, here I am now. Waiting for the thing to download. *sigh*

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