Monday, May 20, 2002

Gosh! It's been a week since my last blog. This is turning out to be more of a weekly entry instead of the original daily entry.

Anyway, not much happened last week, which was probably why I didn't make any entry in here. Monday is much the same as most of my Mondays, work and then choir practise in the evening. However, prior to practise, I met up with a guy, Ram, at San Francisco? Starbucks? who's searching for people to make up a band. He's already in a band and is looking to have a sideband. I told him I could sing. Did a three liner of Letters To Cleo's I Want You To Want Me. He thinks I can sing. So, yay. I might be in a band. Haha ... so teenagerish.

As for Tuesday, the choir committee had a meeting. The tentative date for the press blitz of our Opera Di Tutti Frutti performance is Monday June 3. More talk about posters and postcards and programs. There isn't much that I'm assigned to for these issue. However, there are plans for an after show party after the performance. That would be where I come in.

The rest of the week was just work. Then on Saturday, went to watch Ram's band jam. They're pretty good. Sounded better live than on their home made CD recording.

Later that day, I went to stalk the cast of FAME to sign my program after their matinee show. Very successfull outing. I managed to get almost everyone's signature. Only one missing, Leah's. I heard she has a twisted/busted ankle so she wasn't at Istana Budaya (the venue). They're all so very nice. Especially Miguel Ayesa. Deonne Zanotto got overly excited when I asked her to sign my CHICAGO program. She was in that show as well about a year and a half ago. In fact, everyone got excited over the CHICAGO program. All of them poured over it like they've never seen it before.

That was great! Of course, I had to go back after their evening show cause I didn't manage to get them all after the matinee. Had to miss the second half of the BBC Proms being relayed live over the KLCC park to go back but I'm glad I did. Otherwise I'd have to go back into the city the next day. Don't want to do that if I don't have to.

Fab! Fab! Fab! Can't wait to get the pictures developed. Hope they all come out well. I'll have them scanned and the posted after I do.

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