Monday, April 01, 2002

Made my debut in the world of latin american dance competition last Friday. A pretty successful debut I must say. Didn't win but I did manage to scrape my way into the semi-finals.

I was pretty calm when the time came for us (my partner and I) to go on the dance floor. I didn't think I'd be, calm that is, cause from my experience, whenever I have something important coming up, piano exams, ballet exams, exams in general, whenever it's time for me to perform and be judged, I'd get the jitters when I'm suppose to perform. Not even during preparation would I be nervous but only at that exact moment when I'm seated on the chair or standing next to the bar, I'd suddenly blank out, cold sweat starts forming, fingers cold as ice, my mind going a million directions trying to search my brains for what I was suppose to be doing ... but not this time.

It felt like just another practise. When I was on the floor that arvo, I just did whatever I did when I was practising ... trying not to fall off the slippery floor and getting all the steps in.

I think this has a lot to do with the lack of pressure. We knew that we'd not be winning anything although if we did it would be a plus but to me, I had it in my mind that hey! it's my first time. I'm not expected to win, right? So, I guess that explains why I wasn't nervous. I didn't care too much what the result would be. Unlike exams when there's pressure to pass as well as get the venerable distinction.

I had fun and was totally awed by the competitors in the amature category, especially by couple number 12, Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova. They caught my eyes during their heats and I barely looked at other couples whenever they were on the floor. I'm just so wowed! If I was fortunate enough to get half as good as them, I'd be a happy puppy.

P.S: Jason, if you're reading this, sorry I wasn't looking out for you cause I didn't know you were gonna be there. I've only just read your posting. Sorry mate. Maybe the next competition alright?

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