Thursday, March 07, 2002

musn't make it too much of a habit. have been turning off my phone alarm and not waking up when i should. only woke up at 8 this morning which left me with 30 minutes to shower, dress and drive to work. an impossible feat and therefore not worth rushing.

and so, i took my own sweet time. had a bowl of cereal, drove my neighbour who was going to school for her library duty and got to work at nine. only half an hour late. not too bad.

should really try going to bed earlier so as to be able to wake up when i'm suppose to. even if it was to get to work and do more testing and debugging on that bleeding trigger module which is slowly driving me insane.

somehow, some of the things i've tested a few weeks back didn't seem to work today. it's completely mystifying. received a 'value conflict occurs' error. supposedly, this error occurs if the method used is not supported by the database driver, in this case the oracle jdbc driver. if anyone has ever encountered this error, please tell me how to fix it. i don't know how. if it is the driver, then why did it work the first time i tested the function weeks ago and not today? i've asked around and everyone says that nobody's done any tweaking or updating to the database nor the driver. so, i'm puzzled as to why this error should occur now.

these are the relevant lines which triggered the error:
resultset.updateString(column, data);

updateString() didn't cause any error. updateRow() is the culprit here.

calling all java guru, please help empress in her dillemma.

alright, after work, got home and before i even sat down for a little rest. my dad goes on again that i should go get his serial-usb converter for him ASAP. "oh and while you're there, get a new colour catridge as well."

so after dinner, i trod (trodded?) along to pyramid's IT center to get the stuff. got my dad to give me the dough before i came. thought that the RM300 that he gave me would be more than enough for that two item but i was wrong. it wasn't more that enough. it was just enough. the converter costed RM130 (although it said RM150 on the price tag) and the catridge costed RM120 (again the price tag read RM135, if i'm not mistaken). i wondered what the point of placing the price tag there if you're not going to sell it for the price that was printed but ... hey! i'm not complaining. i got the goods at a lower price and low price is always good. why pay more?

when i got home, my dad had another job for me. installing software. i've practically installed his software on both the machines that's in our house and now he wants it on his laptop as well. hopefully once he starts uses the laptop then he'll leave my pc alone. then i can delete all his files and programs and regain disk space. then find out why i can't open a large *.jpg file without my computer saying that i don't have enough disk space. there was over 500MB of space when i tried opening that file. a colleague says that it has something to do with my swap file. ok. fine. "so, what do i have to do to my swap file to make it work?", i asked. "i don't remember." was the reply.

installed the software, made sure internet was setup for my dad and then off to bed.

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