Monday, January 21, 2002

first practise for the new dance formation team happened yesterday morning. pretty good effort too. learned some new moves. relearned some old ones. one hour and forty five minutes later, it's over. nice having a little aerobic exercise in the morning. :) following that, had a regular set of big mac meal. mwaahaha ... all the burnt calories regained.

then, more dancing. practise the competition routine with my partner for over an hour before we stopped. me out of exhaustion and him cause he's gotta go chauffer his mom.

crashed out at prem's place for a few hours after sending my car for a wash and vacum (finally!). they were watching 'the corruptor' showing on astro. i didn't remember the movie being so utterly boring the last time i saw it. granted, i still have no idea what chow yun-fat was mumbling about throughout the whole movie. he really need to learn how to speak english before he justifies himself a hollywood actor and his big fat paycheck. just stick to hong kong movies mr.chow until you do, okay?

i brought prem the lavay smith cd i had and she made a copy of it there and then so i could take it home on the same day unlike my russell watson cd that she held hostage for over two months. also brought her the vcd of Amelie ... the french movie that's been garnering really good reviews. it's a light and cute movie. i like.

next headed over to one-utama to check out the seating for the musical 'fame'. yay! a musical finally coming to town. yes? no! not really. i'm still recovering from the shock of the ticket pricing and the seating for the prices. almost 75% of the seating has been allocated to the most expensive ticket (RM250). the cheapest tickets (RM100 - evening show; RM75 - matinee) only occupied 2 - read my lips - 2 rows at the back of the third floor! the next cheapest ticket (RM150 - eve; RM125? - matinee) isn't much better either as they occupy the next 5 - 6 rows in front of the 2 rows and also only at the third floor. the second most expensive tickets (RM200; RM175) are loosely speared out throughout the theatre space of all three floors. eveyone's reconsidering if they really will go for the show. we were all thinking of watching it at the cheapest ticket but if we're not going to see anything at the back of the third floor, we might as well head off to the rental store and get 'fame' the movie on tape! hmmm ... maybe i'll get my sisters to get tickets ... student price is only RM50 and they get a seat at the back of the ground floor ... then i'll take trish's ticket (stef wants to watch too) and watch the show ... hopefully they won't check for student identification on entering the theatre.

still reeling from the shock, prem and push dropped me at the car wash to pick up my car ... my car has never looked so clean! the interior is clean! all trace of dust, sand, grime, gone! yay! headed onwards to the studio for more practise. still tired. wasn't able to practise for too long. had about an hour practise before i called it a day. exhausted. thoroughly drained.

took a shower. plopped in front of the tv for a bit. took dinner in front of tv. started nodding off while watching 'early edition'. switched off telly and went to bed. it was 8pm then. when i woke up next, it's time to get ready for work. wow! haven't gone to bed at 8pm since ... i can't remember. never went to bed early even when i was a kid of 5. probably did when i was a toddler but i can't remember.

it amazes me that i managed to do this - practise, practise, practise for a whole day - every week for about a year when i was doing ballet during my teens. i guess there is something to this age-stamina thing. either that or just cause i haven't been as active after school years and the stamina's deteriorated. yeah. that's probably it. well, it's better that than to think that i'm getting too old for this, isn't it?

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