Thursday, December 06, 2001

Well ... didn't quite finish my post yesterday. Got too busy and now I don't feel like finishing it. If I ever do feel like finishing that I'll edit it. Otherwise, just ignore it. It was only going to be some stoopid thing about how I don't feel mature yet. Don't feel any difference from when I was 15 or now ... 15 days to 2 dozen years. Just a stupid blah blog.

Ignore it. Ignore it.

So tired yesterday. Only got home at 11.30pm and didn't even manage to get dinner. Had choir practise till 10.15 (sang our throats sore ... performance is this Friday!) and then went to pay my credit card bill in town (there's only one center where I can pay it ... unless I mail a cheque ... but I don't have a chequeing? account so that's moot). Was dragging my feet when I got home. Had my dinner, shower and went straight to bed! Didn't even watch the telly. Quite a first for me ... being a TV addict and all. But I was too tired. Fell asleep with the lights on. Woke up in the middle on the night/early morning and switched it off.

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