Tuesday, December 25, 2001

I need to go to sleep earlier. On Friday night, I slept at 6am (Saturday morning). Saturday night, again at 6am (Sunday morning). Then Sunday, this one a little earlier, at 3am (Monday morning).

Not that I was doing anything important at all. I was making stars mobile to hang outside my sliding door for christmas deco on Friday and then on Saturday and Sunday, I was just reading. Okay, so, the star mobile thing is excusable cause I wanted to have it up before the carollers came on Saturday night but what's the deal with sleeping late the other two days ... and today!

Tonight, right now, I came on to look for a word for 'Summerhouse' for a crossword puzzle that I'm trying to complete. Actually, I knew the word only that I got the connecting word mispelled. That caused me to looked up the dictionary searching for a non-existance word. Fortunately, manage to find the mistake once I found the definition for 'Summerhouse' in dictionary.com. The word was 'Gazebo' ... I knew that!

Okay, anyway, a bit of recap on what I did since since the last time I posted.

* Birthday dinner ... was quite delicious. Pretty good birthday too although there wasn't any present :(. Mummy got me a chocolate walnut cake (big difference from the 2nd hand sponge cake huh?), I consider that a present and papa paid for dinner so that's another present. Everything feels pretty nice.

* Choir christmas party. Loads of laugh. Fun fun fun all around. Food was good too (tom yum soup was yummy!). Everyone got presents cause everyone had to bring in one present for exchange ... so that was good. Took part in two party games. Won one but couldn't finish the other ... you try finishing a bottle of coke without burping!

* Final Streetvoiz performance for the year. I thought we totally sucked! However, Cris thought we did okay ... so, maybe I just have a different opinion on what's okay. I felt like we were so rushing through everything. I didn't have time to take a breath much less swallow! And the hall was so hot! I was sweating like mad and I had to hold the mic through all 11 songs that we sang ... they had two mics but only one stand ... why's that? I haven't a clue!

* Christmas eve dinner. We had a turkey for christmas dinner for the first time! And it was pretty well done too. Kudos to Trish for cooking the turkey. I was totally stuffed. After that, we started on the crossword puzzle. All sibs were helping out but they each dropped out like flies ... one after another ... till there was only yours truly. Managed to finish it with the help of a little pocket dictionary. Yay! ... I was cheating you say? Nope I don't think so, it's a competition crossword and if it's completed, we can submit it in and win a prize if your entry is drawn from a ballot. I don't think anyone would be foolish enough not to complete the puzzle anyway they can before submitting it, do you?

Okay, that's all for the recap, I have to go wrap three more presents and chuck those under the tree. Ciao.

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