Saturday, December 08, 2001

I don't know what's wrong with me. I know I have a long day today. I know I have work today and I have to wake up early (for a saturday anyway). ... but when a call came in yesterday asking if I'd like to clubbing at Movement that night, I said 'YES!' ... AND that's after my choir performance ... after a full day of work. I was really tired after the performance but I changed and drove out anyway, with the hope of a night of hopping and bopping. I guess I should thank my friend's bosses that they changed their plans and spent the night at a pub instead. These were guys from BAT (British American Tobacco) so there were a lots and lots of smoking and drinking and pool. Pub scene is really not my thing. I don't smoke and I don't drink. Which is why I like going to dance clubs. At least I can dance there. Anyway, since they were just going to hang out at the pub, I made my exit early ... at about 2am! If we had gone to Movement, I do not doubt that I'd only leave at about 5am. I guess you can say that dancing kinda reenergizes me,

... but really, I'm grateful for the change of plans cause I'm still dead tired now. Alarm rang and I just slapped it off. Not like I don't do this every single day ... just that today, I really went back to sleep instead of just lying in bed for a few waking myself. Didn't get up untill half hour later and I've got bags under my eyes and the feeling of numbness in my head from lack of sleep. I think it shows cause someone said I looked 'blur' when I came into the office.

I really need to discipline myself to say no to an invite to a night of debauchery ... more so when I'm tired. Perhaps I'm trying to catch up on my late teenage years. I hardly ever go out at night when I was a teen. Not even when I was old to enter a dance club legally. In fact, I bet I can count the number of times I've been to a club on one hand. Guess I was kind of a geek then. Still a geek now. (a dumb geek ... according to my sibs) People don't really change too much do they?

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