Sunday, December 30, 2001

The day started well enough. Sun was shining after two whole days of gloom. My throat doesn't feel as sore as it did, couldn't even sneeze without it hurting like the devil. It still feels a little scratchy but much better than yesterday. Trish called to ask whether we wanted lunch (it was about 11.30am at that time), so we didn't have to drive out for lunch when I eventually decide to get out of bed. Little did I know that they day will end so badly ...

We meaning all the sibs, my brother, Stef, Trish and I, and also my grandma. Parents went up to Genting yesterday and spent the night there, as usual, nobody was informed of their plan; neither did they call home to inform us at home that they weren't coming home.

Anyway when Trish got home with lunch, a fine meal of Bak Kut Teh, we all ate together, not Trish though cause she ate with Kenneth (her boyfriend) earlier but she was there at the table as well. Everything was great. We ate, we talked, joked, talked about our parents; indeed a rather rare occasion. After that, I escaped from cleaning duty by heading over to Yee Sing's house with Trish. Yee Sing was swimming with Gavin, her little brother, in her little plastic Winnie the Pooh pool on her porch. It was fun playing around with the kids.

When we got home, we started planning our escape from the house before our parents got home. Y'see, the parental unit called earlier while we were having our lunch informing us of their imminent return. Mummy sounded a bit terse so we assumed that they didn't do quite well at the casino. Parents not too companiable after a loss at the casino. The girls had originally planned to watch Lord of the Rings today but I can make the afternoon show as I have to attend my friend's 'open house' at 4pm. It was already 2pm. So the movie outing's post-poned to tonight. Decided to just shower, change and then just hop on the car and decide where to go later.

So I did ... shower and change that is.

After that, went to Stef's room to wait while she gets ready. While there, Trish joined us and we decided to go to Coffee Bean while they wait for Bro who's going for a haircut before they join him for 'Behind Enemy Lines' later when I leave for my 'open house'. Bro agreed.

Parental units got home before we manage to get out of the house. Papa told me I had a couple of mails. One's an invitation from Monash, my old university, to the Monash Open Day on 5th January. The other's from Amazon. Hurrah! My secret santa gift has arrived. Lavay Smith and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers's Everybody's Talkin' Bout Miss Thing! Thanks Chris! I finally get to listen to Lavay Smith. Am litening to it even as I write. It's fantastic.

Anyway, off we go to Coffee Bean and bro to the haircutters.

Had a nice chat with the girls about this and that. Trish suggested that I make a crossword puzzle with local flavour and sell it to the magazines, we've been doing the crossword magazines that Trish bought when she was in Australia for the last few days. Sounded like a pretty good idea although I'm not altogether sure that it hasn't been done before. That and that I'm not entirely great with words enough to make a crossword puzzle but it was still a good idea. Stef brought up that we've not been to Insomnia for quite some time and suggested that we go there tonight. She wanted to play Pictionary there. Trish then suggested that we get a set for ourselves instead of going all the way to Insomnia. By that time, it was already 4pm so I had to go. Bro was gonna pick them up after his haircut so I left with those two planning to purchase Pictorial and skipping the movie cause they'd be eager to start playing.

Azfa's 'open house' was alright. Met some old classmates, chat, laughed ate. The usual when you meet up with old friends and the usual Hari Raya food; ketupat, rendang, nasi minyak, etc. Left about 7pm.

Got home. No sibs in sight or at home. Am informed by mummy that they've gone to MidValley to pick up Renee, bro's girlfriend. Took my new CD to Stef's room, mummy's watching TV in mine, called Stef to check her coordinates and to check whether we're still watching LOTR. Confirmed mummy's info and affirmative to the movie.

Reading and listening to Lavay Smith when Stef came into the room and literally groaned when she heard what was on. Another of her sister's weird music.

We're not going for LOTR anymore. Trish said that papa wanted to watch as well when Stef called her to check the time for the movie.

Trish got home later and we started to play Pictorial. She actually bought it! Only two teams. She and Kenneth, Stef and I. We won! Yay! It was fun except for one part when we almost stopped when Trish kinda said that Kenneth didn't know how to draw, she didn't know what the heck he was drawing and Kenneth retorted "Don't play-lah! You draw everything if you're so good!" Doesn't sound really funny but they were having a disagreement and I don't know why we, Stef, mummy and I, were laughing. I was hoping that it'll sort of lighten the mood a little if they thought we weren't taking it so seriously but Trish made a remake about it. So we stopped laughing. She manage to console Kenneth and so we continued playing.

After we finished the game, we broke for a little snack. Bro and Renee brought home something when they went out for dinner. Started another game after that. Here's were the trouble starts ...

It first started when Trish and I disagreed as to what is suppose to happen when we decide to skip a card (it was decided earlier on that if we do not know what the word meant, we can skip that card and draw a new card). If the first card's an all play card, even though we're not in an all play box on the booard, does it mean that the second card remains an all play? I said that it doesn't. That it depends on whatever's on the second card. In the first game, we played that it would still be an all play ... earlier in the game that is until my brother stopped by and said that it should depend on the second card. I thought we changed it then but I wasn't sure. She was quite sure that we didn't and we went on for a few minutes about that. I finally conceeded that we should play the second card as an all play but she somehow figured that I gave in reluctantly and was moody after that. I really don't mind any way we play it. REALLY! I don't!

This created a sort of tension on the second game. Even Stef asked Trish if she still wanted to continue play cause she's really moody now and was really quite. No extra words. All smiles gone. Only a tolerant facade as a replacement of the joyous one of the first game. I didn't feel much like playing anymore cause she's in a mood. I hate these sort of tension.

I the middle of play, she asked Kenneth to trade place with her. Kenneth was seated across left diagonally from me. I suspect that it had something to do with my spaghetti straps (mummy just had to make a comment on my dressing! *frust*). I didn't feel like changing when mummy commented on my top but I took a throw pillow and placed it in front of me when they traded placed. Hey! So sue me for having breast!

Several cards later, she took a card and then just threw it down. I think Stef just picked it up assuming that it was but I asked Trish if it was. She bit back that it was and that she told Stef that it was. Ack! So untrue. She hasn't opened that treasure filled mouth of hers since that disagreement we had at the start of the game except only to try for an answer when it was her turn.

My temper kinda snapped then. Just one card before this, I'd decided that I was going to beg off after one more card with some excuse cause I just can't stand the tension any longer but her retort was just too much for me at that time. I threw the pillow and stormed away yelling "I'd had enough! I quit! I don't want to play anymore! I know, I'm moody!" (Sounds so childish doesn't it?)

But when I heard her say, "We know!", I just had to turn back and tell her that it was because she wasn't into the game anymore ever since our disagreement. That she was the one who was all moody. Somehow or rather she answered back something about my breast being showing. I don't know why that should be a problem. I wear spaghetti straps lots of times so it's not like it a rare occurence. So my cleavage shows. So what?

"Are you afraid that I'd steal your boyfriend?", I replied. "I saw the way you starred down on him when we accidentally bumped into each other the other time." That was really long ago by the way. Then I don't know what else I said. I was babbling incoherently after that venting my anger.

Volatile aren't I?

Poor Stef, Kenneth and Mummy. Innocent victims of two moody bitches. I later apologised to Kenneth for having to witness the outburst and Stef for spoiling her game. Mummy was just there watching so I don't think there was anything to apologise to her about.

I found my sports top that Trish gave me on the floor outside her room when I went for a shower. Mummy must have mistakenly placed it in her clothes pile.

Now I'm not sure who'll gonna be watching LOTR tomorrow. I really don't think Trish will be there and I hope that she won't cause I can't face her yet. I'm don't think I have anything apologise to her about and she definitely thinks the same so we'd probably be at odds with each other for awhile. We don't really say sorry after an argument and a period of non-speaking we just tend to gradually start speaking again. I'm sure this is the case this time as well.

What a bunch of messed up sisters we are.

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