Friday, December 14, 2001

Countdown to two dozen years of life - 7 days to go.

Christmas Search Continues

Friday, Dec 14 -- The search for the perfect long dangly christmas ornaments continues. It has been reported that Emp and Stef was spotted again at a mall last night searching for the final batch of christmas ornaments to be placed on their already, fine looking, christmas tree.

However, according to reliable source, they were seen carrying packages which were not from stores offering christmas ornaments. Further investigation found that the packages contained a bandana (Emp's) and some knickers from Topshop. They were also heard arguing over who gets to purchase the fab looking pink Friday knickers from Topshop but luckily, the matter was resolved with Emp graciously opting for the thongs so that Stef could have the bikini knickers.

As to their original objective of purchasing christmas ornaments, 'We will journey on and search for those perfect ornaments tomorrow and in another mall,' says Emp.

We at Empress Times would like to wish Emp and Stef the best of luck in their search. Hopefully they would be able to find them before christmas is over.

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