Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Ta da!

Still healthy. Sickly taste must have just been something I ate after all.

Choir practise was good. We timed 'The Living Creche'. It's about 35 minutes. After that, didn't have much time left to time 'A Night Of Wonder'. Will probably do that next week.

Conductor wasn't there yet again. Second week in a row. He's performing in 'The Fantastiks' in Bangsar. Replacement performance for the cancelled show due to the King's death.

The small choir's going to have practise again this Thursday. Yups! The same day I'll be meeting with the musicals group for Alex's birthday dinner. Oh yes, the small choir has a temporary name now. It's called 'Streetvoiz'. Cris has even set up a yahoo group for it!

Anyway, I'll be skipping that practise. Told them I'll practise at home myself ... yeah right!

I'll be off to Singapore on Friday! Yay! This time to watch Porgy & Bess. Hmmm ... still haven't got the bus ticket. Let's see if I have time to get it tonight after dance class.

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