Thursday, November 01, 2001

I quit ...

Not like I really started anyway. I'm talking about my diet. The one my dance teacher advise me to take up.

I've realised that since that day, the more I try to watch what I eat to make sure I eat less, the more cravings I have. For chocolates, for cakes, for sweets, for ice-cream ... I even eat bigger portions during meal time. Don't know why that is but it is. It's like when your parents or an authoritative figure tells you not to do something, the urge to do the forbidden gets greater. Know what I mean?

My squash team is trying to set a date for a celebrative get together. Originally planned for tomorrow, Lorrin just called to say that some of the others are busy and would like to change it to Monday. Well, I'm busy on Mondays. Mondays are choir nights. So that's out. Azlan can't make Thursday and I'm sort of only free on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Might have dance class on either Tuesday or Friday so I didn't put those days out as my free days. Hope this get together works out. I have another group of friends, the musical group, that have been trying to get together for the past year but to no avail. Everyone's always busy on various different days. Hopefully we'd be able to meet on of these days.

Why is it so difficult to get together for something is not compulsory or of not much importance? We didn't have any problem getting people to attend training or classes? ... but otherwise, there just doesn't seem to be time. Priorities, I suppose.

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