Wednesday, November 21, 2001

I had a dream ...

It's not often that I have a dream when I go to bed at night. Even more so, a dream that I can remember when I wake up. Last night, was one of such rare occasion ...

I dreamt that I was at a party. No clue whatsoever what the party was for but ... everyone was drinking champange or something and talking and mingling when out came the guest of honour? Not sure but he seemed to be the one that everyone was waiting for.

It's Russell Watson. He came in and was requested by someone to sing for us and he did. I don't remember what he sang but he sounded great.

And then, he requested a volunteer to sing a duet with him. Guess what? To my surprise, I volunteer. My dream self seems to be a very brave soul indeed.

So, I went towards him and was given the lyrics.

It was in Mandarin.

I don't read Mandarin. So I told him and the guy who gave me the lyrics my dilemma.

I was so embarrassed, me being a Chinese and not being able to read Mandarin. Even more so when Russell spoke in Mandarin espressing his surprise at my lack of knowledge of my own mother tongue.

The two guys were nice enough though. They translated the lyrics to hanyu pin yin, Mandarin written in English letterrings. And we're ready to go.

Russell starts the duet and then it was my turn.

Don't remember how I sounded but I remember I've started at least a line of the lyrics before I woke up.

Couldn't get back to sleep after that. Tried but failed. I laid in bed and sang Russell Watson's songs in my head until my mobile phone's alarm came on.

I wonder what that dream was about? Was it to tell me that I should learn Mandarin? Should I be taking up vocal lessons? Or is it that the Barcelona CD that I've won a month ago, that I thought was lost in the mail, was finally going to arrive?

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