Saturday, November 24, 2001

Harry Potter was, as my 10 year old cousin would say, brill!

Daniel Radcliffe was so adorable albeit a little rounder than what I had in mind for Harry Potter but adorable all the same. Throughout the movie, I was going ... they've skipped this part, they've skipped that part, they've changed this part and they've shortened this part. Aunty Jackie says that if they do film the whole thing as per the book, the film would be 5 hours long.

Hmmm ... guess they should have made it into a miniseries instead.

Anyway, I liked the part when Harry went to Ollivander's. Loved it when he blew things up testing his wand and also the effects when he found his wand. Only complaint would be that he found his wand a little too quickly. Not that they should show them going through each and every wand but maybe just show a pile of wands of rejected wands after testing the first few wands before finding THE wand. Ollivander didn't quite fit what I had in mind as well. He was a bit too moody. I had a cheerier person in mind who speaks a little fast and would scurry from one side of the shop to the other.

The quidditch game was amazing even though the special effects could have been much much better. Plus, there should have been more quidditch games. Doesn't look right for Harry to be so unstable in his first game. He's suppose to triumph instead he adding fodder for critism for Malfoy.

They one character that I think was superbly casted would be Hermione. She's exactly what I had in mind. Irritating!

Oh yes, when I saw Snape, I kept wondering what the actor's name was. I know I've seen him in Sense and Sensibilities with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet but just can't seem to recall his name. I asked my aunt Chris who was sitting on my right who he was and she said he's Snape.

Haha ... I know he's Snape but what's his name.

We stayed until the cast credit came on and I finally found out his name ... Alan Rickman! Yep! It's Alan Rickman. He's also in one of Texas's music video. What was that song called? Don't remember. Nice song ... I think.

So, in conclusion, Harry Potter is definitely worth the watch. It's BRILL!

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