Friday, November 23, 2001

The cinema's were closed. Didn't get to watch Harry Potter. Couldn't book nor purchase tickets for today from the counter when I checked at the cinema. Weird.

Found out why I could never get through to GSC MidValley. They only have one phone line open for phone booking.


Can you imagine that? There is almost 18 screens there and they only have ONE phone line for booking! It's no wonder nobody can get through. It's like calling into a really popular radio station.

Trish will try to book some tickets for tonight's show at GSC Summit ... closer to home but not a very cool place to hang. If she can't get them, I'll have to go to MidValley to purchase them during lunch.

Oh yeah! Have to get mummy's present as well. I'm thinking ... those chains that's attached to your glasses and hangs around the neck. She should have one. Always misplacing her things. This from someone who keeps saying that papa needs to eat Gingko to improve his memory and that all of us are not ... what's that word??? 'Mindfull'. Another word for awareness, I think.

Not sure where I can find those chains. Maybe one of those stall that sells knick-knacks. Otherwise, I'll check at the optical shop. They should have some right?

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