Friday, October 12, 2001

I didn't know Hotmail limits the number recipients to a mail. Guess that's just a step to prevent people for mass mailing junks. Anyway, to anyone interested, the limit it 50 recipients.

And now on with the show ...

Salsa was fantabulous. Granted I'm no Salsa queen as yet but it was still great. Instructions were better compared to the other free Salsa class I went to which was at El Nino. When I went to El Nino, what the instructor did was just start dancing and then hope that you catch the step and then she'd change into new steps and then another new one and so on. She would point to the left, point to the right, point to the front, point to the back indicating the direction we'd be going ... and all this without even speaking or explaning a single thing ... not one word came out of her mouth ... NONE! ...NADA! ... ZIP! Didn't even introduce herself and her face was constantly in a frown. Now how inviting was that!?

Now, this instructor at the Orange was different. He'd explain a step and then show it and then we'd do it along with him. His partner would go help out those who can't quite catch the steps. Isn't that good? He taught us the basic mambo, the victory step, a side step thing ... which I can't recall what it's named except it begins with 'M', and 2 more which I'm not sure what it's called, one's like the Alemana from Latin Ballroom ... I think that's called sibele or something like that and the other is something something cross over. That's all the steps. After the lessons, we just practiced whatever he taught us. Then he and a bunch of us more daring people tried the 'Rueda' (I think, not sure about all these Spanish terms) where we all dance in a circle and change partners. We made quite a mess but it was great fun. Later, he and a few people who actually knows how to do the Rueda, showed us what it was suppose to look like. Wouldn't mind taking lessons from this guy. I like the way he moves. Very relaxed. Natural.

All in all a good session. Hopefully I'd be able to make it next week again and see what else I can pick up. Usually have dance lesson on Thursdays though but I'll probably be stopping that class cause I'm starting my private class today. That private class is really expensive but need it if I wanna go for competitions. :o)

Karen, if you're reading this, he teaches Salsa at the school in KL Plaza. The one you're taking Tango lessons, I believe. You're starting Salsa right? Make sure you get Sam or his partner Margarite. They're good.

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