Thursday, September 20, 2001

Whoa! Finally gotten me own blog. Actually, I've been meaning to do something like this for awhile now. Didn't think anyone else would have wanted to write their journals online and let the whole word see it. Plus, was too lazy to get the whole thing started ... y'know, creating templates, figuring out layouts, blah blah .... Thank you blogger!

Anyway, read about online journals in a tech column in a local paper and thought 'Hey! Since it's so popular, there should be some service online that provides ez journaling and voila ... here I am.

Plus, what better time to start blogging when you have a project starting, eh?

What project? Well ... I finally have my own room. Yea!!! We've converted the dining room into my bedroom. Currently I'm in the process of painting it. It's gonna be RED. Been wanting a room that has a bold color instead of the pale pastel crap that I grew up with.

Anywho ... have completed the first layer for 1 1/2 walls. My dad freaked when he saw the color (heh heh it's a really bright red). I have to change the color now cause he won't allow that red. We'll be going to get a deeper red this Sat and this time he's coming with me to give his nod of approval. I bought the paint on my own the last time ;p

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